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October 11, 2010

Shipping available

We now offer ship worldwide for bulk orders. No minimum required, but the more you buy, the cheaper it is!

Drop us a line to

Envíos internacionales ahora disponibles. No hay pedido mínimo, pero entre más compres, más barato te sale!

Contacta con nosotros en

September 9, 2010

The Great Aussie speaks

Our fellow aussie poloist, Lewis “I’ll-play-polo-in-every-continent”, had some kind words about his shaft… errr… his mallet:

“(…)its held up amazing, no dents at all. I (was) slaying in goal in Ottawa this weekend and many frustrated attackers were taking

swipes at it. A few of their shafts got really fucked up but mine held true.”

Then he wrote something about having erotic dreams, but we’ll keep it PG-13….

Perro del mal(let) Lewis!

Keep on having a great travel!!!!

September 9, 2010

Fresh new batch

Yes! The new order of perro del mal(let) shafts has arrived! Ready to be cut and assembled. Who said me?

We do international shipping, although you should probably inquire about shipping costs first.

July 30, 2010

Llegó el pedido!

Mira nada más lo que nos acaba de traer el Sancho Clos del polo….
TUBOS!!!!!!! Y de aluminio del bueno, 7075!

Santa came in early this year, bringing with him some SKI POLES!!!! Nice 7075 aluminum too!

Y protecciones para las manos!!!!

And hand protectors!!!!

Disponibles aquí

Y ahora a ponerse a hacer palos de polo.

Available here

Let’s get mallet making.